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  • Encapsulated in vinyl for durability
  • Available in steel, stainless steel, aluminum and copper
  • Available in three styles and sizes
Sets Thickness Range Wire Length
Set A 0.25 in through 0.75 in 1.3125 in 2 in 3 in
(6.35 mm through 19.05 mm) (3.33 cm) (5.08 cm) (7.62 cm)
Set B 0.75 in through 1.7 in 1.3125 in 2 in 3 in
(19.05 mm through 43.18 mm) (3.33 cm) (5.08 cm) (7.62 cm)
Set C 1.7 in through 4.0 in 1.3125 in 2 in 3 in
(43.18 mm through 101.6 mm) (3.33 cm) (5.08 cm) (7.62 cm)
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Set A Set B Set C


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